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thailandnaturist logoIf you are a nudist or naturist, and you will be visiting Thailand anytime soon, is the best place to be to find your fellow believers.

Naturism is considered as a lifestyle that harmonizes with nature, and is described by the practice of communal nudity with the purpose of promoting self-respect, respect for the environment, and other people., the official website of Naturist Association Thailand, promotes this unique lifestyle for wellness and health minded people who love clothing optional, nudist, or naturist recreation in the country. Their concept is based on the proven positive effect of naturism on tensions and stress, as well as its boosting effect on positive body image and self-respect.

As an advocate of naturism in Thailand, Naturist Association Thailand organizes naturist wellness and health fitness weekends and holidays for its members, young and old alike, with or without children. They always look for new resorts and encourage them to become member resorts to enjoy the perks of naturist tourism.

The Belief of Naturists

Naturists firmly stand for a wonderful way of living in harmony with nature and people. This is something that they express through social nudity, and is shown through self-respect for people, regardless of their body types, cultures, and opinions.

Who are Naturists, Anyway?

A naturist can be someone who comes from all walks of life, religion and cultures. These people have an inner enthusiasm which calls to them, and tells them that being with no clothes is something that is comfortable, and doesn’t have anything to do with sex. Naturists can come from everywhere and anywhere. A naturist can be a banker, a politician, a business owner, a laborer, or a corporate professional.

Why Practice Naturism?

There are a lot of benefits associated to the practice of naturism, and some of these include the following:

  • Self respect – Naturists establish a positive body image and self respect. This is not like the unrealistic and narrow conception of the media about the real definition of beauty that only creates a negative self image.
  • Equality – Everyone on this planet is a human being, composed of the same parts, and is only trying to survive. All human beings are equal, and there is no need for any diversity.
  • Environmentalism – Human beings are not a separate entity from nature. While humans are highly intelligent and highly evolved humans, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still animals.
  • Feminism – Every woman bears the equal right of being naked without being considered as mere sexual objects.
  • Health – Fresh air and sunshine are good for the human body, and naturism promotes outside activities such as hiking and swimming. It also allows everyone to take better care of their bodies.
  • Spirituality – Nothing beats the sense of spiritual uplifting, awe-inspiring, and wholesome feeling when you are out in the environment naked and untouched by modern civilization, with no textile fibers connecting you of place and time.

The next time you find yourself in Thailand, check out to meet more naturists and nudists in the area without any hesitations.

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