Nudist Beaches in Sydney

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nudist beach sydneyNudist beaches have always been a thing of amusement and fun for everyone who loves to try out this one of a kind and wonderful experience. In Sydney, there are several nudist sites that are flocked with both local and international tourists.

Cobblers Beach

Cobblers Beach can be found at Middle Head Road, Mosman, specifically at its end portion. Cobblers Beach can be easily accessed through one walking track found on Middle Head’s northern side. It is a 5 minute walk going to Cobblers on foot on the unsealed road known as the Cobblers Beach Road. This is steady decline and will be easier compared to the extremely steep track found at the oval’s edge that is being used by some of the locals.

During the weekends in summer season, Cobbler Beach is one of the nudist beaches which are being crowded and this is famous among couples and families. It is the perfect time for the new nudists when you mingle with others and you will also be less likely become self conscious.

Obelisk Beach

The Obelisk Beach is one of the nudist sites that can be found just a stone’s throw away from Cobblers Beach although this one is found at right at Middle Head Road’s end and this is famous among the gay nudists.

Werrong Beach

Werrong Beach can be found in Royal National Park just south of Sydney. It is one of those isolated nudist beaches that is found by the end of the 2 kilometer bush walk. This too is also famous with the gay nudists although swimming at the area is dangerous.

Lady Bay Beach

Also called Lady Jane Beach, Lady Bay Beach is one more beach at Sydney Harbour, specifically at South Head in Watsons Bay. If you are coming from the Camp Cove Beach, Watsons Bay, Cliff Street, you just have to ascend its north steps then walk 200 meters to Lady Bay, passing the remarkable cannon emplacements. Also, you can easily walk past the beach on your way to a light house. You can also observe all the nudists straight from the viewing platform, especially if you don’t welcome the thought. You can also reach Lady Bay Beach by riding a ferry from Number 4 Wharf Circular Quay to the Watsons Bay. You can enjoy a great lunch at Watsons Bay Hotel. This nudist site is famous with nudists although most of them are male.

Little Congwong Beach

The last but definitely not the least of the nudist sites is Little Congwong Beach. This is the nudist beach that you can find further east past the Congwong Beach just on left part of the Anzac Parade, La Perouse and for more than 30 years, it has been considered as an unofficial beach for nudists. Sadly, the area’s local council already stepped up the patrols for deterring the nudist. The wonderful beach is no longer recommended these days.

If you have plans to visit any of these nudist beaches in Sydney, always remember that though the experience is fun, your personal safety should always be your priority, especially since these nudist beaches are usually isolated.

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