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If you are a naturist or a nudist searching for a place where you can meet other like-minded people and those who will truly understand you, Lake Como is a wonderful place that you shouldn’t miss to visit.

Lake Como is a naturist or nudist resort adhering to the principles of naturism or nudism, which advocate nudity as communal norm. There are many reasons why some choose nudity and the reasons may range from the simple to the philosophical pleasure of sunning and swimming without an encumbrance of useless clothing.

In America, it is most familiar as nudism and some considered this as naturism. The founders of Lake Como believed that one’s body is noble and accepting oneself and others as they’re under the mask of clothing may be a liberating and even an uplifting experience. Naturists come in all sizes and shapes, so the fear of a lot of people that they have an ideal physique is misplaced.

Social nudity is widely accepted today at different resorts, beaches, and spas across the globe. In USA, this is practiced at tons of resorts and at the accepted clothing-optional beaches. Majority of naturists will tell you that the feeling of experiencing freedom is something that should be enjoyed to be appreciated.

The Standards of Conduct at Lake Como

  • Carrying a firearm or some deadly weapons in the resort is prohibited.
  • Photography isn’t allowed unless approved by the management of Lake Como and under the supervision of the staff at Lake Como.
  • Showering is required before using hot tub or pool.
  • You should place towel on seating area before sitting if you’re nude.
  • Sexually provocative, rude, lewd or personally demeaning behavior or speech won’t be tolerated.
  • Sexually provocative dress or swimsuits aren’t allowed anywhere on Lake Como.
  • Nudity is required whenever you are hot tub, sauna, and pool for the comfort of other guests and members.
  • Nudity is encouraged and accepted at Lake Como.

An Overview of Lake Como

It was chartered on the 25th of April 1941 as Florida Athletic and Health Association. It is the first nudist resort in Pasco County and the oldest nudist resort in Florida continuously occupying the same place. In 1997, Lake Como became a resident-owned cooperative and still committed in enhancing and preserving their natural environment while giving superior recreational facilities.

What’s the Main Goal of Lake Como

The mission of Lake Como is to promote and preserve our family nudist community and lifestyle, establishes an image with community and government leaders and cultivated their natural beauty while promoting one’s responsibility to the environment as a legacy for their future generations.

Why Visit Lake Como Today

If you are dedicated to nudism or naturism, Lake Como will not just give you a chance to meet other nudists or naturists out there, but also you will be able to learn more about nudism or naturism through their numerous activities and events every year. Visit now and experience the difference!

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