How to Date a Nudist

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date a nudistCan love bloom between a nudist and a non-nudist? Even though you might have different views and opinions as to whether you should wear a swimsuit or not every time you hit the beach, it is still very possible to meet a nudist or naturist and form a good relationship.

Below are some useful tips to ensure a successful and happy date with a nudist when you are not a nudist yourself:

Conduct Your Homework

Instead of forming a biased opinion about naturism or nudism, it is best that you do your homework first to become more familiar with this particular lifestyle. Many nudists believe that being naked in both public or private places don’t have any sexual connotation at all. They follow this lifestyle as it helps them feel one with nature and free. There are secluded beaches, special clubs and conventions that are meant for naturism wherein whole families can celebrate and convene to embrace nature and be human.

Know How You Feel about the Concept of Nudism

Your nudist date could have personal opinion on why they consider nudist lifestyle as something right but you have to know first how you really feel about this particular topic. Do you have your own opinion about the lifestyle or are you uncomfortable with the concept of nudism? Does the lifestyle spark your curiosity? Knowing how you really feel about nudism will make you know if you are ready to date and go out with its practitioner.

Have a Frank Discussion about Hang Ups

If the relationship will move beyond a few dates, you will have to ask questions and lay feelings out on the table. Select an opportune situation for you to have discussions including over coffee or dinner. Choose the time when she or he isn’t naked so you will be able to concentrate on the topic rather than the fact that she or he has disrobed.

Know when discussions are important. If you have been on a few dates only and like some people, see which naturism aspects you can work through on your own. You do not like to embark upon a serious discussion about what issues you early on and freak or upset the other person out.

Get the real problem’s root. Before embarking upon your concerns, try determining which nudism aspects bother you most. Is it the way your date likes to practice nudism during inappropriate places and times? Are you not comfortable that she or he is a nudist in general? If you aren’t comfortable with nudism in general, the main problem has something to do with your personal experiences and opinions versus what other people are doing.

Decide the Aspects You Can Be Comfortable With

If you want your date and you wish to continue dating, you will have to determine if you will be able to deal with her or his naturism beliefs. In some cases, you may work out where and when she or he practices nudism.

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